Welcome to Ammi Cepu

Aspiring & Uniquely Indonesian, Ammi Cepu is a Reflection of Charm & Genuine Personality

Ammi Cepu is a new Luxury hotel designated to become a new landmark in the heart of Cepu, Central Java, Indonesia.

Comfortably spacious rooms with breath-taking view of the sun setting in the west, gives one an immediate feeling of warmth walking through its corridors. Identical in ambience of a large private estate, Ammi Cepu blends with the region and complements in terms of architecture and culture. The hotel reflects peace and charm in colonial style.

As one ventures out from elegant and gracious bedrooms of predominantly natural palette colours, behind the boutique hotel is a scenic view of lush rice fields, seeming a reminder to return to the wonder of nature. A home away from home atmosphere of tranquility and serenity is Ammi Cepu’s unique forte.

The classical look of Ammi Cepu with subtly harmonious interior design, combined with modern facilities, ensures that travellers are kept well connected to their homes.

The first of Ammi Luxurious Collection nestles pleasantly in Cepu, a district recognized as Indonesia’s biggest discovery of oil and gas in the last decade and legendary for its Forestry Railroad ran by a 1928 classic German steam locomotive around vast teak forests.

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